Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Soul Reclaimed is now available!

At long last...

Despite the obstacles, setbacks, and delays, my debut book is finally available to purchase.

I don't know a writer who hasn't experienced at least some turbulence, but here is a brief biography of A Soul Reclaimed.

Three years ago I had a rather long and detailed dream and I wrote it down. Seems easy enough, but this wasn't my first novel. I knew I wasn't done.

Too shy and uncomfortable to look for beta readers, I found myself paying for what I thought was professional editing services. After about three months and a rather unhappy parting of ways, I got something of a line-edit for my first draft.

For those who don't know, the general process is Story Draft>Beta reading/developmental editing>Revisions>Developmental editing> Revisions>Editor/agent> You guessed it... more revisions>Editor/copy edit> Revisions

To the failed editor's credit, I didn't know exactly what I was asking for. I later found a wonderful editor who took the time to explain her services to me. After several rounds of developmental editing and an extensive line-edit, I tried once more for an agent.

(These days I have many beta readers and verified editors. If you want to be a good writer, find these first and avoid all the woes I encountered.)

Short story, everyone said no. I will note that my dream agent who only accepts submissions on Twitter pitches liked my pitch. While she rejected this story, she requested that I send her future material. It sounds like a small win, but for me, it was a big one. I still hope to work with her one day.

I had given up. I would shelve this story as well despite the expense of all the editing I put into it. That's just how it goes, especially for a new author who is still unsure of herself and the writing community.

About a year from the first editor who shall be unnamed, I woke up early and checked my phone to find an email from a small publisher I had submitted to when I was querying for agents. I submitted to many small publishers (Not to be confused with vanity publishing or self- publishing) but they also turned me down.

I opened the email fully expecting the standard rejection letter only to find a contract attached. It took several looks at the email before I figured out that it was not, in fact, a rejection letter. It was one of acceptance.

I called up an agent/lawyer to go over the contract before signing. While it was a nerve-wracking few hours, I fully recommend it. You need to know what you're in for. I was officially signed on as an author for Sands Press.

The editor for my publisher was rather happy with all the edits done to A Soul Reclaimed. We banged out the edits in a few hours, a record according to the president of the publisher. After we had a fan-based vote on the cover, we were good to go.

I was set for April 15th...or so I thought.

My publisher was picked up by a major distribution company. Great news! Except my book would be delayed until the end of May because the distribution company wanted way more copies of my book than the publisher had ready. It ended up working out as my promo tour ended the week before the book's new release date.

As of today, we have arrived. I have a good amount of ratings on Goodreads. A small but growing fanbase, and a network of support that I honestly never expected. I couldn't be happier, and busier than ever with more stories to tell.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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For whom the Bell Tolls - Game of Thrones Post

We're taking a break from the Blog Tour to discuss Game Of Thrones. I am a nerd, tis what nerds do. And please beware, this post is dark and full of spoilers. Everyone has their opinions on Daenerys. Either they say she snapped, that it was bad writing, that they had seen it coming, or that the show failed an otherwise amazing character.

We can compare the books to the show for missing context. We can look at the prophecy of the mad queen, but I have my own theory about what happened in last Sunday's fateful episode. Daenerys was the pride of her Khal. People shouted "Nissa" (mother) and rallied around her. People from all over the region gifted her. She was loved.

More than anything, she won everyone's love. When she came to Westeros it was a different story. She was totally out of her element. People feared her, and I think that, compounded with the massive losses she took to try and win their love, took its toll on her emotional state. On the eve of the battle for King's Landing, she had lost two of her children (the dragons), Missandie, Ser Jorah, many of the Dothraki, Jon's love...for what? For a continent that hates her for the things her father did. There is a moment where King's Landing surrenders.

Daenerys is sitting on her dragon listening to the cries for help. People are pleading for the bell to ring, for the city to surrender. She has lost nearly everything to get to this point and they are terrified of her.

The citizens of King's Landing don't see her as a breaker of chains, they see her as most in Westeros would given the history. They see her as a mad Targaryen coming to burn their city to the ground.

When those bells rang, the mad queen prophecy came true because she decided it was better to fulfill it than spend the rest of her days trying to convince them all otherwise. I surmise that Daenerys isn't mad at all. She has decided to be the villain even if it means everyone hating her. She can't have kids. Her line won't continue. She will be queen and appoint someone else as her successor before she dies and they can be the good king/queen that she wanted so desperately to be.

You can see the look on her face before she pushes Drogon to ride on, she's in pain. She looks like she wants to scream and cry before plunging into the ocean herself. Daenerys was a leader who always found a better way until the battle of King's Landing.

I think when those bells rung she realized there was no winning the hearts of Westeros and that the only way to save them, was to ensure that no one would be left standing to question her rule.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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