The Novella Series

Due to Covid-19 (I'm sure you're all tired of hearing that phrase) the publisher of my A Soul series is experiencing some delays.

We are working on the contract for the sequel to A Soul Reclaimed, but these things can sometimes go slower than we'd like.

Until then, I am releasing a series of stand-alone novellas.

The first in the collection is slated for July 15th.

I'm beyond proud to introduce Daughter of the Marmaros!

Bernadette is the last resort for the survival of her race.

Torn between duty to her people and the desire for a strange man lurking in the jungle, Bernadette flees the safety of the Marmaros, where six little jungle boys come to her aid.

The deeper into the jungle she goes, the more Bernadette learns about herself and the people who ruled her with a marble fist for so long.

Join Bernadette as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime!


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