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A Soul Reclaimed: Update 12/3/2018

It's finally here! The long awaited cover. For me, this was the "this is it" moment. I fretted and stressed over this cover and so did the publisher, oddly enough. We went through at least 45 cover designs before narrowing it down to about 10, to which I suggested we put it to a vote on my Facebook page and let the followers decide. I also got my website and Goodreads accounts going. Up Next:  I have no idea. The book will be out next April. I'm hoping to do some promotional stuff, it's still too early to tell, but I hope to do some local book tours.  There are lots of ways to stay updated on my adventures as an author; @ShaynaGrissom

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Publication Announcement!

I'm happy to announce one of my novels, A Soul Reclaimed (formerly Princess of Hell) has been picked up by SandsPress. It's still in the early stages of the publication route, but updates will continue to roll out! In the meantime, feel free to visit my Twitter page @ShaynaGrissom. I am always looking for people to read and critique my work.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Seattle

I’m beyond excited to attend Ace Comic-Con! Marvel is doing the promotion rounds and has Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Hayley Attwell and Grant Guston slated to attend the convention Seattle. Being a proud Seattle dweller and knowing how grueling press tours can be for actors, I really wanted to create gift baskets for the Marvel guests. Foods and drinks from local business, coffee, tea, beer…pot. I left out the specific details when I asked Ace if such a thing was acceptable, and to their credit, they had no problem with it. However, the WaMu convention center does not allow outside eat or drink. They want to continue to monopolize on their $7 bottles of water. That and many of my HiddleSisters will be attending from out of state, I'm afraid I won't be able to give them all gift baskets either. So, if I cannot grace foreigners with the joys of food and drink, I can at least give some directions. Seattle


I am a typical Washingtonian. I'm liberal, I have a serious obsession with my dog. I get into arguments with my cat. I am finishing up my B.A in Human Resouces. I'm married with two children who are easily the weirdest kids on the block, it's great. I write fiction. Mostly, YA or NA. I do have some horror concepts and manuscripts on the ever-full backburner. I range from magical realism to beasts, science fiction, and bitter teenage girls. On occasion, I write smutty Fan-Fiction. More because it get's me out of a rut. It's easy to write smut Fan-Fic because there is a pre-set story and an easily determined outcome. Mostly, I have it bad for Tom Hiddleston. I am a good prospect because I am open to changes. You can ask my editor Elizabeth Buege, I've killed several characters at the suggestion. I don't flinch at new or change. I will stick to my guns on key aspects, but otherwise, I am willing to put in the work if you are. I want to be publis