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Blog Tour!

With the release of A Soul Reclaimed fast approaching, I'm gearing up for a blog tour! I'll be out promoting my book on other people's blogs, on NetGalley, and GoodReads. For firsthand knowledge on giveaways and the story itself, sign up here:

The Beta Reading Commandments

There are several processes a book goes through before it hits the shelves. Beta reading is probably one of the most important steps. It's also one that new writers avoid. Beta reading is when a writer has an early draft of a manuscript critiqued and reviewed. It's generally agreed upon in advance just what kind of feedback the author needs, and is usually done as a manuscript swap with an author with a similar word count. It's important because it gives the author insight on what needs to be revised. As an author, we think we know what needs to be revised, but just because we can see it in our minds when we read it, doesn't mean the readers will. As a new author, I struggled with this. I didn't mind criticism. I simply lacked the network. It's not easy recruiting beta readers. They are not always easy to find, dependable, or very good at giving feedback. Here are some tips that I found helpful: For brand new writers, I would recommend sites like  s