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When writing prompts go terribly wrong

**Write a scene using the last show you watched and the last video game you played** The soft grass outside the white tent was a lush, vivid green. Scattered around the park were wildflowers and the occasional wild rabbit. An orchestra plays something cheery, you can only describe it as sounding British. The camera sets on two women, opposite in appearance, but equally non-descript women. Despite the fact that they've already introduced themselves, you can't remember their names. One has short dark hair and thick black-rimmed glasses, the other is blonde. "Hullo everyone, and welcome to the Great British Bakeoff!" The blonde woman greets with her hands clasped before her. "This week we are joined by four special guests from the Continent!" The dark hair woman picks up seamlessly from where her co-host leaves off. "Our contestants will be baking three distinct recipes," The blonde says. "A signature challenge, a techn

A Soul Fractured - A Soul Series

I'm not going to George R.R Martin anyone (yet), without any further due, I can assure fans of A Soul Reclaimed that the second book is in the publisher's hands. What can I tell you about it?  It's named A Soul Fractured It picks up six months after where we left off with Nora. She thought her problems would be over once she became queen, but is it ever that easy? Aegis has his memories back, but it only serves to remind him of just how little he understands when it comes to Nora. When is it coming out? Next year-ish? I don't have a lot of say in that matter. Other random details about the writing process. Nora's story has been plotted out since 2016. I am a bit nervous to see people's impressions with the direction I went, but early readers were very supportive. I don't know everyone will like what happens next, but that's the risk you take as a writer. The third installment is in early development, it is tentatively titled A Soul