Daughter of the Marmaros is out now!


I'm so relieved.

I've spent far too long dreading and fussing over it. Now that the book is out, newsletters come out the 22nd, ads are rolling...it's done.

I really worked myself into a fit about it. The Novella Series is the first I've ever had sole control over as a writer.

In my mind, self-publishing is a different sort of writing career. It requires a sense of business and accountability that a traditionally published author doesn't deal with. Not to say that traditional publishing doesn't come with its own oceans to navigate, but they are two totally separate paths in the same industry.

I didn't think I had the capacity to do what so many indie authors do. I read, youtubed, podcast, and researched for the better part of the last six months and still found myself scrambling.

So, in this series, the novellas are about love. Romance, love for children, love for a town, wanting love, and having it be something different than we expect.

The next novella series will be a much darker group of stories. It will probably appeal more to those who enjoyed The Stink.

Being a writer who can't pick a genre isn't great for traditional or indie publishing, but it's what I do. It's hard to love horror if you don't have an equal love for humor. The badest bad characters are always played by the nicest people for a reason. There is a duplicity humans, and I just want to poke at it.


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