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The Night Dredes January 4th 2022

  The publishing industry has gone through a wild ride this year. Chain supply issues as well as a bizarre paper shortage pushed my Gothic Horror novel from an October release date to January. Being a writer means being able to roll with the punches, so, without further ado, my blog post on... The Night Dredes ! The island is all Destiny Sallows has ever known. It is her birthright to become the next matriarch and leader of her isolated family. The only catch is that she must marry Daniel, Mother insists on it. It's not that she dislikes Daniel, he's kind and clever. The problem is with her. Destiny suffers from a reoccurring night terror about a monster with green eyes. One glance in Daniel's eyes sends her spiraling into a severe panic attack. Mother calls them the night dredes. Mother says Destiny will get over them, but when the monsters come out, the night dredes come for them all. The Inspiration on the Gothic Horror released by Sands Press January 4th came from a dre

2021 Write Mentee Wish List!

  Hello, potential Mentees! If you reached this blog, it must mean you're thinking of submitting to me. If not, you're a bit lost or an Ex-Boyfriend who couldn't find anything of use on my FaceBook page. Now, lets get into what I'm looking for: Do you read much in the YA genre? Because I do.  If you don't read YA and try to make a book fit into YA, I can tell.  In order to be a successful writer, you must read. In order to get published in the big publishing houses, you need to write something much like the stuff they've been putting out within the last five years. If that's not your jam, no worries! I have experience in Small Press and Indie publishing as well. There are many roads and I can help you determine the best route for you. It's your book, your goals and I'm here for it! My mentoring style: I am a cheerleader. I try to give constructive feedback where it's needed, but I am NEVER going to tear you down. My goal is to bolster your streng