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2021 Write Mentee Wish List!

  Hello, potential Mentees! If you reached this blog, it must mean you're thinking of submitting to me. If not, you're a bit lost or an Ex-Boyfriend who couldn't find anything of use on my FaceBook page. Now, lets get into what I'm looking for: Do you read much in the YA genre? Because I do.  If you don't read YA and try to make a book fit into YA, I can tell.  In order to be a successful writer, you must read. In order to get published in the big publishing houses, you need to write something much like the stuff they've been putting out within the last five years. If that's not your jam, no worries! I have experience in Small Press and Indie publishing as well. There are many roads and I can help you determine the best route for you. It's your book, your goals and I'm here for it! My mentoring style: I am a cheerleader. I try to give constructive feedback where it's needed, but I am NEVER going to tear you down. My goal is to bolster your streng